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The list below outlines some of the curve balls life can throw when we least expect it. Problems can manifest and it can help when they are shared and dealt with head on. When the demands made on us become greater than our ability to cope we can feel overloaded, under tremendous pressure and very tense or emotional. All of this can affect our ability to be effective at work, and of course what can compound the situation is the effort it takes to cover up how we really feel inside, to hide behind a façade that can become more and more difficult to maintain.

  • Bereavement
  • Accidents
  • General build-up of stress
  • Anxiety
  • Divorce or partnership problems
  • Health worries
  • Job concerns
  • Confidence
  • Inability to cope with change
  • Loss of motivation
  • Financial worries
  • Disagreement with a colleague

The work place is known to be a key factor in the build-up of pressure, particularly in today’s climate where restructure, reorganisation and change are a prerequisite for survival and growth. Personal overload can create a costly burden to organisations and individuals with consequences in terms of ill health, poor relationships and low productivity. It can manifest itself as many different symptoms, ranging from physical to psychological and behavioural, and people may experience these to varying degrees.

Benefits to Your Employees and Your Organisation

  • Improved awareness of the impact and signs of stress
  • Reduced incidences of work-related stress causing absence
  • Greater motivation among staff
  • Increased team communication and dynamics
  • Tools to build employee resilience to pressures and demands, improving both their health and well-being and performance

Please contact me for further information on the behavioural intervention and coaching sessions I deliver to assist with the above. I have worked with several major organisations providing Hypnotherapy and individual coaching including NHS, Tyne Tunnel, JT Dove, International Paint, and TRW Automotive. Testimonials are available upon request.


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