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6 Reasons Why Change is Better than a Rest. Can Hypnotherapy Help?

6 Reasons Why Change is Better than a Rest. Can Hypnotherapy Help?

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From Newcastle to New York, Sunderland to San Francisco, we hear the mantra of ‘Change’ chanted so often by disingenuous politicians that we’ve come to view the word with distrust as most policies remain ‘unchanged’ in spite of pre-election promises.

Change is a motivator and an innovator

When you start to view change as a positive thing, it ceases to be scary and instead opens doors to exciting new ventures and possibilities

Change is about how you cope

There are many good people who are terrified of change, preferring the status quo even where the alternative is likely to prove beneficial; then there are others prepared to adapt to and embrace change positively.

Be the change you want to see in the world

It’s a sad fact but some people want others to make their decisions for them. They would rather be told it’s safer to remain with the devil they know. The status quo is a place to hide.

Weaning a toddler off a dummy may initially cause a tantrum, but a caring parent knows their child can’t remain forever locked in infancy. It’s the same scenario at work. Whether you’re employed or self-employed, change often transports you from your comfort zone into a position of uncertainty, however, refusing or resisting can prove to be more damaging and limiting in the long run.

What are the consequences of not embracing change?

Often pride can prevent us benefiting from change. Sometimes we say to ourselves “I am not going down that route because it would mean accepting my first decision was wrong.” The exasperation borne of a stubborn refusal to change even when we know we should, can create internal resistance and imbalance leading to stress and ill health exacerbated by frustration, self-doubt and anger.

What are the benefits of change?

In a word? Newness. I say flip the old negative and embrace a new positive!

The good news is that embracing change is a skill you can learn, and planning for change is really useful.

You start by looking at change as a good thing and you’ll be amazed at some of the benefits that follow. Here are six reasons why embracing change can be a rewarding routine to adopt.

1. Change is important for personal development

Adapting to new things, people, and places, helps us in unexpected ways, offering a new perspective even if it’s initially painful, like pruning a rose bush it helps you grow stronger.  Learning a new skill at work makes you more valuable to your employer.

2. Change makes you more versatile

Just like a brisk wind clears the dead leaves from a tree, change can blow you out of a rut. Embracing the new instead of grimly hanging on to the status quo helps you to be more flexible in life, less set in your ways and offers increased energy and positivity.

3. Change helps you develop values and beliefs

Learning a new thing, or finding out something is different to your original perceptions may involve re-assessment of your belief system.

Being open to new thinking and new ways to approach difficulties will always deliver knowledge, even if that knowledge simply reaffirms your existing belief system. A win win situation.

4. Change can help you discover new aspects of yourself

Change helps us find an inner strength we didn’t realise we had, and may be a helpful catalyst in self-discovery, including finding a new talent, ability or hobby.

5. Change challenges your comfort zone, and helps you break bad habits

Being too comfortable in your own situation can be damaging. A change can shake you up and force you to do something much more interesting with your life.

While some habits are positive such as regular exercise and healthy eating, other routines like sleeping too much, addiction and gambling can leave you in depressed, anxious and stressed.

Conversely, keeping your body and mind active supported by positive thinking are great habits to embrace.

6. Change opens doors

Simply changing one or two bad habits to good ones even in a small way can have a massively positive outcome. A lonely person for example, may decide to join a local club or hobbyist group and just this one small thing may open up vistas of new opportunities; from meeting new people and making new friends to discovering a passion for something different, ultimately creating a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Of course, embracing change takes practice and sometimes we need a little extra help. I have a range of highly effective hypnotherapy interventions which can help motivate you to manage change effectively.

If you need a bit of a push or a guiding hand, please contact me.

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