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Employee Motivation Top Ten Tips

Employee Motivation Top Ten Tips

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Keeping staff motivated and content is a vital challenge. Are you up for it?

People who are motivated, loyal and driven are the secret to business success

It was a blog toss-up this week between ‘Global Belly Laugh Day’ on Jan 24th or ‘Employee Motivation Day’ on 21st. The latter won, though happiness, laughter and positivity is integral to contentment and productive work life balance, so there is a distinct connection.

Employee Motivation Day is designed to acknowledge the great work carried out by employees each day and recognises employers who go the extra mile to thank their team for a job well done.

The work place can be an environment for great stress, particularly with today’s restructuring for competitiveness and growth. Personal overload or underload can impact on employee health and productivity.

Great bosses however, know it’s vital to ensure staff feel valued. From large corporations to cottage industries, even small businesses who can’t afford to pay big bucks can keep their team motivated by following these 10 simple steps.

1. Remember they’re human

Most importantly, if you want employees to care for your vision for the company, its culture, and its success, they need to be recognised as people and not robots.

If they feel you’ve invested personally in them they’ll strive to make sure you’re not disappointed.

Everyone likes to be appreciated and their work to be noticed, so the more you show you value staff the less likelihood of your best people being poached by a competitor.

2. Tell them you appreciate them

Feeling valued occurs when employees are made aware they bring something unique to the company. If the individual is particularly creative, or great at customer-facing roles, or capable of challenging technical work, or a great presenter etc., tell them how you value their skills and help build on that skillset by staff training to keep them motivated.

The more you notice and nurture your employees’ unique contribution, the more valued they’ll feel.

3. Help them integrate their work life

Don’t just help employees with work issues. Work interconnects with personal life so it’s vital to help employees find a better work-life balance. Notice their personal concerns and try to be accommodating. For example, if you see an employee is struggling to catch an unreliable train or bus every day, suggest car sharing or give them a lift. Perhaps they are going through a stressful time with health issues, divorce or bereavement. Look for an opportunity to help, they’ll always remember how thoughtful you were and payback with loyalty.

4. Don’t act like you’re above them. Relate.

The best bosses are those who gain respect without acting superior. The outmoded culture of special parking spaces or grand oak and leather desks may still prevail in the City, but you know firsthand what it feels like to think your leader is in an ivory tower and doesn’t get what happens on the shop floor.

5. Show interest in their partners

Invite their partners to work celebrations such as Christmas parties. It will help everyone feel part of the work family.

6. Don’t let customers bully your staff

If an employee is having a hard time with a client treating them shabbily, investigate. If it’s a personality clash, let another employee manage the client, but if the client is clearly a psychotic bully, ditch them rather than lose a talented employee. Your employees should be viewed as extended family and blood is thicker than water!

7. Be unique with perks

You can be creative without being costly: Cinema tickets, gym memberships, restaurant treats, a day at the races, cycle to work schemes, gift vouchers, birthday surprises; all tell your employees you appreciate them.

8. Tell them the truth

Whether it’s an employee annual review or simply a member of the team asking for feedback, honesty is best. Don’t waffle. If they are shoddy in certain areas, suggest training. If they are doing a great job, tell them you value their contribution. Truthful and transparent feedback is better for them and your company.

9. Make time to sweat the small stuff

Be available. Whether it’s a simple chat or a coffee in the canteen, make sure you have regular chinwags with your team members so staff feel valued and respected. Try to express your appreciation for individuals in your team face to face in public or in private. When you can’t be there, send a little email or a small note thanking them for their input especially after a new business win, company event or seasonal occasion like Christmas.

10. Bring variety to their role

Notice when an employee shows interest in different aspects of the business, or a talent in something they haven’t been specifically employed to do and train them up. Employees find change as good as a rest and you may reap great benefits by bringing new thinking to a project or team strategy. Aligning people with their passions on the job and in the rest of their lives is skillful work life integration which great bosses are good at, optimising employee strengths and getting paid back with increased effort, loyalty and dedication.

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Benefits to Your Employees and Your Organisation

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iii. Greater confidence and motivation among staff

iv. Increased team communication and dynamics

v. Tools to build employee resilience to pressures and demands, improving both their health and well-being and performance


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