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Go ‘Global’ on Your Health in 2016

Go ‘Global’ on Your Health in 2016

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It’s January, it’s still raining; Christmas decorations are down; Newcastle, Sunderland, Northumberland and Cumbria remain on flood alert and you’ve added pounds on your waistline whilst subtracting them from your bank account! New Year is often a bleak time for many and a peak time for me to receive enquiries about hypnotherapy for weight loss, alcohol problems and stress – the mind and body issues that January always brings into sharper focus.

The benefits of a system wide global approach to mental and physical health

Good health isn’t just great nutrition, but feeding the mind with healthy, positive thinking

Mind and Body – Think Globally.

I am an advocate of ‘global health’. By that I mean if you think of your body as a planet, you need fresh water, sunlight, a balanced ecology and a clean and healthy ‘atmosphere’ for it to thrive. It’s this mind and body ‘global’ or ‘holistic’ premise that I seek to deliver to my clients while I ‘walk the talk’ and set a good example.

Keep it simple and fresh

Keeping my body fit benefits my mind. For example, I start my day with a pint of fresh lemon juice in warm water to revitalise my pH balance. I follow this with a blast of exercise to blow away the cobwebs and kick start my metabolism then continue with a nutritious ‘Ninja-bullet’ drink for breakfast containing fresh fruit and vegetables, pulses and seeds (known to my friends as swamp juice) . It tastes great as I plan the day in a positive state of mind.

Stay hydrated

In between consultations, training, coaching sessions and client appointments I ensure that I stay rehydrated and energised by sipping my favourite herbal teas.

Take a walk, breathe and socialise

Whatever the weather I take a break outdoors. I find a walk recharges my spirit and offers quality time in the fresh air to think, reflect and plan. Jesmond Dene is my favourite local walk, and its natural beauty shines through whatever the season. There’s something about an established park that makes people more social, especially if they have a dog. Note to self – get another hairy friend, although Oscar will be a hard act to follow.

Wean yourself off medications

Ditch the drugs and by that I mean self-medications like nicotine, alcohol, drugs or food, which work against both physical and mental good health. Many of my clients come to see me because they are using self-medication like a bandage to avoid having to address destructive emotions, however once tackled the need for self-medication disappears.

Read something inspiring and listen to uplifting music

Your mind is fed and inspired by what you see, hear and experience. Music is powerful and can lift the spirit or calm the mind. Its benefits are immediate and long lasting. Likewise you can lose yourself in a good story, be motivated by a self-help book, or be encouraged to make a positive difference to your life by reading an inspirational autobiography.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and your body will respond, fill your body with great nutrition and your mind will respond – delivering a personal global ecosystem that functions at peak performance.

Hypnotherapy Helps

If you find that you are struggling making the first move, or simply feel so downbeat you are paralysed with inaction, it’s time for a chat.

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