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Help for Addiction – Hypnotherapy Help in Newcastle this Lent

Help for Addiction – Hypnotherapy Help in Newcastle this Lent

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To most people, following Lent has become more of a quirky custom than a religious rite. Lent traditionally is a period of reflection for Christians to meditate on the course their spiritual lives are taking and developing a deeper reliance upon God through fasting and prayer.  

Lent is an opportunity to think about the direction your life is taking

Lent started yesterday on 10th February and ends at Easter on March 24th.

Lent represents the 40 day period that Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness being tempted by the devil, before beginning his ministry. Of course we learn Jesus overcame the temptations and it is for this reason that so many people view Lent as a time to shun temptations in their own lives and begin to make changes.

Lent has become as a period of abstinence with the emphasis on ‘giving something up’ like chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, smoking or gambling. I believe that mind and body are innately connected and physical addictions create unhealthy mental side effects which, if not addressed and moderated can lead to low self-esteem, unhappiness and worry.

Don’t give up giving up – hypnotherapy can help you overcome destructive habits

Running a busy hypnotherapy and business coaching practice in Newcastle, I am aware many of my consultations are for addictions of one sort or another. From food to prescription medicines to slot machines or over eating, I assess each individual on a one to one basis, helping them with specific issues they need supposrt with on their journey to overcome their addiction, increase their confidence and take back control of their lives.

Ideas for Lent 2016

Here’s some obvious and more creative ideas on what you might want to give up for a few weeks so you hit the ground running with a renewed vigour or a fuller purse when spring arrives in a few weeks time!

1. Food

Yes, you really do know what you can do without from the goodies cupboard. Don’t buy any chocolate/sweets/crisps this month and you’ll be less inclined to start thinking about them at 9.30pm as you slouch on the couch.

2. Social Media

Do you really need me to tell you about Social Media overdose? Turn off your tablet and mobile social apps and let family and friends start wondering what’s happened to you. It will cause a stir if nothing else.

3. Television

Switch off the box, get a book off the shelf and let your mind make the movies or learn something new.

4. Internet

That is going to be a difficult one, granted. Perhaps just give yourself an internet allocation that relates wholly to work or learning something new.

5. (Video) Games

Fun? Yes. Essential? No. Grab a book from the shelf (see above), so long as it’s not Minecraft hacks.

6. Smoking

‘Nuff said.

7. Alcohol

Ooh, another challenge for most of us – that teensy weensy glass of wine post-watershed is sooo delectable, but if it’s getting to be a bit more than a glass or two, you need to think why you’re investing so much time and money in it.

8. Sleep

How much sleep do you really need? Add an hour or two extra productive quality time to your day walking in the countryside, learning a new skill, taking up a hobby, writing a blog…

9. Isolation

If you’ve got into that lock-the-doors-and-forget-about-the-world habit, you need to get out more. Force yourself to go to that community group/Women’s Institute evening/Village meeting/Pub Quiz/Speed Dating/Walking Tour/Free Trial Gym Membership etc. Drag a neighbour or friend along if you’re feeling extra timid.

10. Income or Time

Earning more than you need? Even in today’s tight economic times, is there some extra you can find to help someone in your local community/school/hospice? If you’re really generous, consider giving some of your time to someone, helping a neighbour, friend or elderly person. It won’t be forgotten.

Well that’s this week’s article sorted, and don’t you dare suggest that I should give up writing my weekly blog for Lent! Carol x

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