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Hypnotherapy and The Change. Taking the Crisis out of Mid-Life.

Hypnotherapy and The Change. Taking the Crisis out of Mid-Life.

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Men and women both experience physical and psychological changes in mid-life. In my Newcastle hypnotherapy practice the enquiries I receive demonstrate this crisis is an event common to both sexes. While The ‘Change’ or female menopause is much discussed, the male menopause is rarely mentioned and can even be viewed as a bit of a joke.

Male menopause or ‘The Mano-Porsche’ has been the butt of many a joke from the sudden appearance of moobs to dad’s impulsive purchase of a sports car when he hits the Big-50. This, in combination with an interest in hair dye, a new wardrobe and sudden mood or behaviour changes has often led to the mocking of the male menopause.

Actually, for many men and women, the andropause and menopause as they are respectively known are no joke. New statistics have shown suicide rates are the highest for middle aged men; and when you also consider how many people you know who have suddenly gone off the rails in their 40s to 50s, with affairs, divorces and family break ups, it’s no laughing matter to think that much of this turmoil could be hormone-related.

Mid-life menopause or andropause

Whatever form your menopausal signs and symptoms may take, when you hit a mid-life crisis there are some very positive steps you can take and tools available without resorting to drug or hormone replacement therapy or other drug protocols.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is often seen as a panacea for the more serious symptoms of female menopause including hot flushes, sleeplessness, osteoporosis, reduced libido, headaches, dry skin, joint pains and weight gain. Unlike female menopause which usually has a rapid onset, male menopause can take decades with symptoms often so mild, they are barely noticeable or disregarded. However, for some men and women the physical symptoms and psychological side effects (similar for both sexes) can be life-changing in a negative way.

Male andropause is caused by a decline in testosterone and rise in oestrogen levels which all men experience. Plastics in food packaging and the environment are known culprits in playing serious havoc with male and female endocrine systems because of xeno-oestrogens leaching into the food and water supply. Testosterone replacement therapy, like HRT for women is being prescribed for men displaying more serious problems with the physical effects of andropause. With women, it is oestrogen and progestogen which decline leading to physical, emotional, and psychological changes.

The effects

Challenges at this time can cause the following:

  • Reduced endurance
  • Lethargy and decline in motivation and self-confidence
  • Inability to concentrate and forgetfulness
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Irritability and nervousness
  • Physical weakness
  • Osteoarthritis
  • For men: Erectile dysfunction, breast enlargement, weight gain
  • For women: Irregular periods, night sweats and hot flushes, weight gain

Hypnotherapy can help

I receive many enquiries for help with this challenging time. Whereas some people sail through middle age easily, there are others who realise that they can’t dine out on youth anymore, and they can’t eat and drink what they want without serious payback. You wouldn’t put diesel in a Ferrari, nor can you shovel takeaways, pizzas and alcohol in your body and hope for a healthy outcome. Your body will reward you with weight gain because you can’t metabolise sugar and fat as effectively, and more intense hangovers will prove your tolerance and ability to process alcohol has dipped.

If you haven’t got your health you haven’t got your life

The mind and body are closely linked and the menopause can trigger wide ranging physical and psychological issues from increased heart rate, palpitations, migraines, to stress and even panic attacks. Research also shows a link between severe sleep deprivation and low hormone levels during menopause can create a cocktail of problems.

A positive outlook

If you can look after your diet and discipline yourself to exercise, this time can be one of the best times of your life. Losing weight, healthy eating and regular exercise are the key effective lifestyle changes I recommend, which in turn helps create a positive mindset and a new, improved version of you.

Moderate hormone imbalances such as low testosterone react very favorably to even the smallest lifestyle changes.

Small steps

If you have confidence issues and you need help I can help you make small tweaks to your lifestyle to get you back on track. What’s more I can help give you the motivation to maintain results long-term. My approach is client focused. Working together we make small emotional, mental and physical changes, developing a positive mind-set towards healthy choices to transform how you feel and think.

Make a new start now

If you haven’t looked after your body it’s a perfect time to reverse the bad habits. There’s no excuse to be washed up and washed out. It’s time to start looking holistically at your life to examine which pieces of the jigsaw are missing. I can help you find them.

Crisis? What Crisis?

You may wake up with another new chin-twig, or perhaps a rogue eyebrow hair but you can become adept at facial topiary and embrace this stage as an extension of your youth by living it to the max.

I walk the talk too. I benefit from eating well, taking regular exercise and looking after myself.  The results are earned and obvious. Contact me now for more information.

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