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Hypnotherapy Help for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy Help for Weight Loss

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If you didn’t notice, it’s National Chocolate Week and National Curry Week this week. As if we needed any more excuse to indulge!

Tikka masala and mixed chocolates

National Chocolate Week and National Curry Week dangerously coincide!

curry delicious

Aside from the Punjab, Northern England has the most famous curry eating tradition in the world; from Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle and beyond, turmeric stained kitchen worktops and ghee-soaked takeaway bags are testimony to the endemic availability of the spicy stuff. Yummy.

There’s also a fine chocolate eating tradition in my home, and if I’m a barometer for the rest of the country, it’s a tradition that seems to peak some evenings, post 9pm during the TV watching ceremony.

I know a few folks who are bravely handling the challenge of ‘Stoptober‘ and don’t want to make the mistake of replacing one harmful addiction with another such as overeating or stuffing themselves silly with Maltesers or Masalas. They can do without the extra coverage this week of delicious curry recipes and chocolate temptation everywhere they look in the supermarkets, in magazines and on the multitude of celebrity chef shows on TV.

For many of us, a curry night or choc-fest is a harmless and occasional indulgence, however, for others, it is part of an addictive lifestyle with negative side effects if left uncontrolled.

Hypnotherapy helps you overcome food addiction

There’s no denying it – trying to lose weight is a challenge. You try a diet, fail to lose weight or put it back on quickly after finishing. It’s frustrating, especially when low self-esteem or stress results as your cycle of dieting, overeating, feeling guilty and dieting again (‘yo-yo dieting’) makes weight loss unsustainable.

Diets don’t work

Diets don’t work because they fail to address the underlying emotions attached to the root cause of overeating. Because of this, my approach to helping clients with weight management is person centered and includes a lifestyle analysis to gain a 360° perspective.

Controlling the urge

I focus on the emotions behind the eating and find out what the root cause is, helping you change thinking patterns and control cravings, targeting your subconscious mind to deliver an effective and long term strategy for weight loss and healthy eating.

With Christmas coming up and the temptation to indulge meets with the metabolic slowdown of the body as it shifts into winter hibernation mode it’s easy to pile on the pounds. Now is a great time to look at a change in lifestyle before excessive seasonal weight gain combines with the January blues and feelings of failure to discipline yourself hit, making you feel dreadful. So contact me to find out how we can work together to a new relationship with diet and exercise into 2016 so you lose weight responsibly without stress.

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