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‘Make Your Dream Come True Day’ or Get Your Goals in Focus

‘Make Your Dream Come True Day’ or Get Your Goals in Focus

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The proverb, ‘Without a vision people perish’ is true. Or, put in a more upbeat and contemporary way, ‘Positive thinking allied with action makes it happen’ – (an appropriate summary of my vision for my Newcastle hypnotherapy and motivational coaching services methinks!).

Vision with determination can make your dreams reality

Do you have a goal you yearn for? You can make it real with vision and perseverance.

It’s also appropriate that ‘Make Your Dream Come True Day’ was celebrated this week (January 13) since January is the traditional month for resolutions, new motivation and future planning.

Vision and Passion United

We all recall happy days when we know we achieved something memorable. It may have been our first pre-school crayon masterpiece which gained parental admiration, or that race won on Sport’s Day; perhaps buying our first skateboard, bicycle, or car with hard earned savings; or landing that new job or promotion we passionately wanted.

Whatever the achievement, if you analyse what you did to reach your goal, you visualised a specific outcome and connected it with the emotions of that vision to make it more potent, more real and easier to achieve. With a passionate plan of action and dogged determination you bagged the prize!

Passion, Motivation, Direction, Purpose

A vision for our lives is an inspiring picture of what can be achieved by having a goal, a sound action plan and the passion to make it real. This January is another chance to do the same, to realise your hopes, wishes and dreams.

Vision thrives on passion and motivation which leads to a new life direction and a greater purpose.

Have you lost your vision?

Sometimes it’s easy to drift into a rut when you’re struggling to pay the bills, or in a cycle of work and daily chores battling the constant demands for attention from those around you. It’s possible for your vision to become blurred or darken completely when it feels like you are living a Groundhog Day existence.


Stop what you are doing now…

..Do you have an inner longing? Perhaps there’s a destination you really want to visit; or a career goal you yearn for; a person you strongly desire to meet; an experience you hunger for? Maybe you’ve an innate skill you can hone in sports, arts or sciences, and you long to develop it. You may even have a whizzy new invention you know is a winner and want to market it; or crave starting your own business but lack the confidence to begin. How do you picture your life in ten years? What do you see yourself accomplishing? Take a moment to write it down, make a collage of the – because that is your vision.

Keep on trucking

Once you have your vision, set yourself realistic deadlines to achieve it. Create a checklist of things you must do to realise your goal using a series of small steps (without beating yourself up if you fall short every now and then), just keep going back to the checklist.

Keep chipping away

An inspiring example of vision and ‘never say die’ attitude is Michelangelo’s ‘David’ sculpture in Florence. His David presented many problems as the marble was difficult to work and two previous attempts to sculpt had ended in failure. However, Michelangelo’s goal and sheer determination allowed him to achieve the outcome of his vision after 3 years intensive labour when it was unveiled in 1503 to an awestruck audience. The elegance of the sculpture perfectly expressed Michelangelo’s vision and proved that astonishing accomplishments are realised when vision meets perseverance.

Vision without commitment is just dreaming

It may take many years of sacrifice and dedication for your vision to become a reality, but there is joy in working towards the goal as much as in achieving it. Working towards a vision gives significance to your life and also to the often mundane processes, details and difficulties involved in the project.

A catalyst for change

If you are finding it difficult to find your vision or floundering with inaction and dissatisfied with what is happening to you in your life, it’s time to talk. Together we can develop a personal vision for you.

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