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Making a positive change in your life

Making a positive change in your life

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Making a positive change in your life isn’t about taking giant strides, it’s about taking small steps that make a daily difference…

It’s why I’ve started this blog in a small way at first and if it grows, which it should, you and I will also grow with it and go with the flow of it!

It was Al Stewart who sang, ‘Nothing that’s forced can ever be right, if it doesn’t come naturally leave it’ (Year of the Cat) – not sure which song it was, but great insight Al!

That’s why my (Carol Barwick’s) blog will be written at a pace that suits my rhythm of life – regularly certainly, perhaps every day; okay, let’s be realistic, at least once a fortnight 😉 and I aim to include lots of interesting bits and stuff that will amaze you, shock you, reassure you and most of all stimulate you. I hope my blog will always leave you wanting more. I’ll be covering a wealth of great topics with loads of great opportunities for you to share your own tips, ideas and experiences too.

My theme? Well, I guess it will be a general blog of ‘positivity’ – an alphabet soup of uplifting life-changing strategies, ‘how to’s’, secrets, tips for this and that, ‘steps to take’ and easygoing chat covering subjects as diverse as overcoming addiction, tackling phobias, dealing with difficulties, coping strategies, and managing life’s problems, events and crises. It will also have a lot of light-hearted banter and engaging pictures which you can contribute too, perhaps doing the odd social media ‘share’ and helping me go viral!

Well, where to start? I suppose as far as you’re concerned, you can start following me now and that will be your first step, and perhaps then, the small steps I am making can start to help you develop habits that become stronger and stronger over time and change your life in ways you perhaps can’t imagine today, but will recognise as positive outcomes in the near future…Watch this space!

Carol x

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