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What is NLP? What are the Benefits to Your Business?

What is NLP? What are the Benefits to Your Business?

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You are what you think

NLP is an abbreviation for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and describes the connection and interaction between neurological processes, language and behaviour patterns and habits (‘programming’) learned through life experience.

The ‘programming’ of an individual can be seen in positive traits and negative traits, which can be adapted and transformed to achieve specific life goals as well as explicit business and ‘career’ goals and it’s why so many companies have recognised the benefits of using NLP to help staff develop to their full potential. That’s full potential on both a ‘personal’ level and in the workplace, developing positive behavioural skills, shedding bad habits as well as supporting strategic-thinking and providing insight into the mental processes behind what we do and say.

Getting Personal

Very simply NLP describes how each of us experiences the world ‘subjectively’, or how we create very personal images of our daily living experience. These personal images are organised by our brain using taste, touch, smell, sight and sound, (especially language). Therefore when we rehearse an activity ‘in our heads’, or remember an occasion or anticipate the future we will ‘see’ images, ‘hear’ sounds, ‘taste’ flavours, ‘touch’ things, ‘smell’ smells and think in our own language.

Clarify Your Direction

There are also those subjective representations that occur without a person being aware of them – the ‘unconscious mind’ – and because many of these are negative and damaging, they can and should be addressed. NLP provides a logical framework that can be mapped and consequently it has also been expressed as ‘the study of the structure of subjective experience’.

NLP ‘structures’ are modeled for an individual and the outcome, good or bad provides a basis for training people to make positive change to their behaviours by adjusting their sense-based personal representations or images.

Know Thyself

In essence, NLP is self-discovery, exploring identity, life and career direction and providing a tangible structure for understanding and relating to that ‘abstract’ part of human experience so we connect better to our family, work colleagues and society as a whole. NLP is therefore as much about competence and excellence as it is about understanding and vision.

Flexible Courses

NLP is just one small though vital component of my varied and flexible range of business coaching and training courses which cover all aspects of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, TRAINING & HR, INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION, LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT, SALES, CUSTOMER SERVICE, REDUNDANCY SUPPORT and much more…
My aim is to provide business professionals with a flexible toolkit of training to develop and hone their individual excellence and improve team interplay.

• Improved awareness of the impact and signs of stress
• Reduction in work-related stress
• Lower absenteeism
• Greater staff motivation
• Increased team communication and dynamics
• Resilience to stress, enhancing health, well-being and performance

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