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Positive Thinking Starts with a Smiley

Positive Thinking Starts with a Smiley

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Start your day with a smiley, stick one on the bathroom mirror to remind yourself

If you live in Newcastle, Northumberland, Sunderland or Durham, you possibly didn’t realise that last Friday was World Smile Day®? It’s an event publicised heavily in the USA, and you’ll certainly recognise its ‘Smiley’ face icon created by Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Massachusetts, USA in 1963 – ‘Smiley’ is one of the most familiar symbols of goodwill on the planet (and emoji favourite). The event is designed to encourage all of us to devote one day each year to smiles and kind acts throughout the world.

Similarly the USA also celebrates ‘Make a Difference Day’ on October 24, a comparable undertaking to World Smile Day. Of course, in the UK, we have our own well publicised events such as ‘Red Nose Day’ and of course, ‘Children In Need’ in November. These events remind us of the benefits to ourselves and society to act outside of our own self-interest.

We all make a difference whatever we do in life, some make a difference by positive actions and others by inaction or negative actions.

Small Steps

As a creative hypnotherapist, behaviour specialist and motivational coach, I find that starting to develop positive habits, or overcome personal barriers and limiting beliefs begins with small steps. A smile is a brilliant small step to start off every day and we can all do this by being thankful for who we are, what we have, where we live and simply counting our blessings big and small. Stick a Smiley on the bathroom mirror to remind yourself to do just that.

And while we might observe these charity days officially once or twice a year there is every reason why the spirit of these days should be observed daily.

Inspiring Ideas

Here’s 10 positive thinking ideas that will make a difference:

1. Visit an elderly neighbour or relative
2. Declutter your cupboards and take the good stuff to a charity shop
3. Organise a litter pick around your town or village
4. Become a volunteer for your local church/charity or community
5. Read some poetry or listen to some inspiring music
6. Call up that old friend you haven’t heard from in ages
7. Forgive someone in your heart
8. Appreciate the beauty of a flower or bird in your garden
9. Pick some wild berries (not the poisonous ones!), make jam and share it
10. Go to bed 1 hour early, catch up on sleep and feel refreshed the next day

There are so many activities we can get involved in collectively and individually by taking the smallest steps outside ourselves. Above all, remember to smile. Smiley people are magnets for positivity. Seriously, give it a try.

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