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Positive Thinking and Lower Stress – It’s a Walk in The Park!

Positive Thinking and Lower Stress – It’s a Walk in The Park!

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Have you felt as uplifted by the gorgeous weather in North East England this week as I have? Instead of a longer blog post, today I wanted to share some of my autumn photos with you. If you live within a 20 mile radius of Newcastle and visit Northumberland you may recognise the location. No prizes for guessing, but I’ll let you know at the end of the post.

evening sky over golf course

Look at that sky

Getting out and about in the sunshine is one of the easiest ways to improve your mood and inspire positive thinking. It’s a great way to break routine and if you’re trying to kick a bad habit in ‘Stop-tober’ such as ‘wine-o’clock’ when you get in from work, it helps divert your attention from opening the fridge door! You can also carry out mental-filing as you walk, sorting out the day’s events, and difficulties and solving problems as you stroll along.  

River in Matfen

Let your thoughts meander while you sort out solutions to problems

A brisk walk gives your lungs and limbs gentle workout improving blood oxygenation, while Vitamin D is synthesised from sunshine impacting directly on your skin even on a dull day, which boosts immune function into the winter months. Don’t forget too the mental health benefits; when sunlight hits the back of your retina dopamine (happy hormone) production is stimulated which neutralises Cortisol in the body released through stress. What a natural, easy way to get motivated, lower stress, reduce anxiety and manage depression without drugs.

Allotment garden Matfen

Fruitful allotment gardens

Top tip: Select some music to walk with to enhance your efforts. Personally, I think autumn calls for something that reflects your surroundings. I love ‘Promentory‘ from the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. Perfect.

Berries Blackberries Trees IMG_0715

Assorted autumn images from Matfen, Northumberland

Beauty and poignant sadness rolled into one – autumn is both the season of fruitful abundance and the change into winter. It is a season so symbolic of the changes in life.

All images were taken in and around Matfen Village, Northumberland, England by the way.

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