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Do I really need hypnotherapy to quit smoking? Want free advice?

Do I really need hypnotherapy to quit smoking? Want free advice?

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Have you seen those disturbing anti smoking campaign adverts on TV recently? You know the ones – the horrible tumour swelling out of the cigarette – yuck! January is the time when most smokers start to think about ‘giving up’.
Some of the difficulties you will experience giving up will be strongly connected to things that you do everyday as a matter of course and therein lies the challenge.
I have just helped a local cabby from Newcastle ditch the dreaded weed after more than 40 years as a smoker and he couldn’t believe how easy it was!
Now he has a brand new BMW, he doesn’t offend his passengers with his eau-de-fags and he’s back at the gym and feeling he has a whole new lease of life.
This is what he said:
“I have never felt so happy and clean and I really want to say that my lungs ‘owe you one’! You cured me of cigarettes. I am an educated man who thought he knew it all. You made me wake up to a new life and gave me a healthier future.”
Do you want to feel like this? Are you thinking about quitting smoking and gaining a healthier lifestyle as well as benefiting from all that extra cash in your pocket? You could start to plan a holiday of a lifetime with the savings you make, or perhaps start a hobby, or at the very least, enjoy breathing the fresh air on a country walk again. If you’re seriously wanting to quit and wanting to turbo-charge your efforts here’s my top 3 tips:

1. Change your routine or focus, e.g. after a meal go for a 5 minute brisk walk.
2. Keep a cool head – simply make some ice cubes using freshly squeezed lemon or lime and pop them in your mouth instead of a ciggie. Tastes fresh and yummy!
3. Focus on that tropical beach holiday or skiing resort and take £9 out of your pocket and put it in your piggybank everytime you would have normally trudged to the newsagent for your usual pack of 20.

That’s a great way to start, so try it now, and for more help contact me for details on other great tips and how hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking. Think of the money you will save!
Carol x

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