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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Works on ‘International No Diet Day’

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Works on ‘International No Diet Day’

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‘Hypnotherapy for weight-loss’ has to be one of the top enquiries for my practice in Newcastle, coming a little above hypnotherapist services for anxiety, stress, addictions and gambling.

Walking: It's fun, FREE and simple, and is the best way to lose weight, combined with good nutrition and eating and drinking in moderation

Walking: It’s fun, FREE and simple, and is the best way to lose weight, combined with good nutrition and eating and drinking in moderation

Trying to lose weight can be challenging and the sheer volume of diets out there is mind boggling. You try a diet, fail to lose weight or put it back on quickly after finishing. It’s frustrating, especially when low self-esteem or stress results as your cycle of dieting, overeating, feeling guilty and dieting again (‘yo-yo dieting’) makes weight loss unsustainable.

It’s why I fully approve of ‘International No Diet Day’ this week which upholds the beauty of the human form in all its various shapes and sizes, shunning the Hollywood-induced idea of body perfection and rejecting as deceptive those photo-shopped magazine images associated with causing so many eating disorders among the youth of today.

What’s causing your food addiction or eating disorder?

Diets in isolation fail to address the issues which cause the emotions that drive the eating patterns, and I don’t know a diet yet where the countdown to reward yourself at the end of it with a ‘blow out’ negates all the efforts you put in previously. Hypnotherapy however, combined with lifestyle changes can be very effective in helping you sever the root cause of an eating disorder.

Summer bikini stress

There are many people, especially women who find the approaching holiday season a key trigger for another new diet so they can squeeze into that swimsuit.  Accordingly, it’s why No Diet Day exists to recognise the efforts of those battling to lose weight and emphasises living a healthier lifestyle, not starving yourself to attain a supermodel body size. I agree.

Health is not associated with unrealistic body shapes and quick fix fad diets. The greatest and most effective way to lose weight and to improve your fitness is simply being active, keeping your body healthy and focusing on great nutrition.

Love your body and love the way you look!

Knowledge of what you eat, where you eat, when you eat, why you eat, what you eat and how you eat are all key, and movement aka ‘exercise’ is an important partner in creating permanent, positive and powerful change.

Conversely, losing weight rapidly causes the body harm and it can also trick your brain into storing more fat in the future, because your brain believes via a deductive process learned through centuries of natural selection that there could be a famine in the land and it reacts accordingly to protect you from starvation.

Your best approach if you are feeling a little bloated or tubby is to live a normal and more natural lifestyle, walking and exercising moderately, as well as eating a good range of food groups in moderation, and you will see your body reach its ideal state of weight and fitness without the pain and expense of a diet regime.

Older couple taking a walk through an English field

Getting out and about is great for people of all ages and ideal for seniors who are wanting to stay trim and who may find more vigorous exercise routines too strenuous.

Get on your feet, it’s easy, fun and FREE 

You don’t need to don a T-shirt and go to the gym, just take a walk! Walking is free and less stressful for the body. A client of mine lost 6 stone in a year by being mindful about what entered his mouth and walking on a daily basis. That change has proved to be permanent because 7 years down the line his weight remains the same.

Do you need some extra help?

My approach to helping clients with weight management is a person centered blended approach which includes a lifestyle analysis to gain a 360° perspective to help plan a program that works permanently. I focus on the emotions behind the eating and find out what the root cause is, helping you change thinking patterns and control cravings, targeting your subconscious to deliver an effective and long term strategy for weight loss and healthy eating.

Contact me to learn how I can help you develop a new relationship with diet and exercise so you lose weight responsibly without stress and reach your optimum fitness level.

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